A sunshine filled home

Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a gorgeous family who are eagerly awaiting a new family member. We spent time in their sun lit home, it was relaxed and fun, well until I started losing at ‘truth or dare’. Never challenge a sharp witted, intelligent five and a half year old, or so I now know!!

I simply can’t wait to return soon to capture them as a lovely family of five. Wishing Mum-to-be (again) all the best for the next few weeks xx

Brothers in arms

When we packed up our lives in Kuala Lumpur just nine months ago we were leaving behind something very precious. Something we had nurtured and cared for over our time in this thriving, busy city in South East Asia. We were leaving behind an amazing group of friends. Friends who had been part of our first real ‘expat’ experience. They had been there when we were pregnant, then as new parents, fumbling our way through.  Valeriane and little Maxime were a part of that friendship group.  Max and I first met them in our Little Crawlers group when the two Maxs were learning to crawl, to cruise, then to walk, dance and play. Through the wonders of the internet, we have kept in touch and I was so happy on my trip over in October we were able to catch up and capture their beautiful maternity shoot in Lake Gardens. Then as fate would have it, we connected again in March when I passed through. This time a bouncing baby Paul was filling their lives with smiles, gurgling coos and love for his big brother.  I continue to feel grateful for the wonderful people we meet along our journey living the life we have chosen. And what’s more, my job keeps me reconnecting with them too. Seriously lovely to see you all again. Now over to these scrumptious petits frères. xxx

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons

During part two of our shoot together, the MacLeod sisters changed into something different and we headed down to the pool. Their amazing Mum had made some streamers for them to play with. And play they did. They ran, danced and splashed in the refreshing water.

Not long after returning to Dubai I shared a couple of the moments we had captured. The founder of Petibisou Diane got in touch. She loved the images so much she was keen to feature some on her site. She said that they really captured all the reasons she started designing children’s clothes. ‘If you like it, don’t only wear it, play in it.’ And these two certainly did that. Gorgeous as always. xx

Little ladies, love and laughter

It’s always a delight to capture this gorgeous wee family and I was so happy when we managed to fit a shoot in on my recent stop over in KL. There’s a joyous familiarity, a true enjoyment when working together and honest, heart felt connections which unfold so naturally in front of my lens. All of these combined result in a simple walk in the park and moments like these. xx

April 17, 2014 - 9:32 am

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons » chloe lodge dubai photographer - […] part two of our shoot together, the MacLeod sisters changed into something different and we headed down to the pool. […]

Bali Portraits . Strength

My fourth portrait session in Bali was with Chi. She is an amazing woman. Her wonderfully calm nature and inner strength shines with every movement, every look and the images we captured together leave me a little lost for words.

It was really such a joy to meet you Chi, may our paths cross again some day, some where soon xxx