Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons

During part two of our shoot together, the MacLeod sisters changed into something different and we headed down to the pool. Their amazing Mum had made some streamers for them to play with. And play they did. They ran, danced and splashed in the refreshing water.

Not long after returning to Dubai I shared a couple of the moments we had captured. The founder of Petibisou Diane got in touch. She loved the images so much she was keen to feature some on her site. She said that they really captured all the reasons she started designing children’s clothes. ‘If you like it, don’t only wear it, play in it.’ And these two certainly did that. Gorgeous as always. xx

Little ladies, love and laughter

It’s always a delight to capture this gorgeous wee family and I was so happy when we managed to fit a shoot in on my recent stop over in KL. There’s a joyous familiarity, a true enjoyment when working together and honest, heart felt connections which unfold so naturally in front of my lens. All of these combined result in a simple walk in the park and moments like these. xx

April 17, 2014 - 9:32 am

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons » chloe lodge dubai photographer - […] part two of our shoot together, the MacLeod sisters changed into something different and we headed down to the pool. […]

Bali Portraits . Strength

My fourth portrait session in Bali was with Chi. She is an amazing woman. Her wonderfully calm nature and inner strength shines with every movement, every look and the images we captured together leave me a little lost for words.

It was really such a joy to meet you Chi, may our paths cross again some day, some where soon xxx

The world in my pocket

Bali  .  March 2014

‘Capture what you feel, not what you see.’ David Alan Harvey

Ten years ago I landed on the shores of Bali, we were in a boat coming in from Java. I had a backpack containing all the possessions I was journeying with over many months. I was single and travelling with a group of strangers who had become friends. I was full of adventure, hope and my eyes were wide like saucers.

Here I was ten years later, I landed onto the tarmac with a suitcase and a backpack, but this time it contained a laptop, iPad mini and a plethora of camera gear. I was visiting for just five days. In the meantime I had become a wife and a Mother. I was about to join yet another group of strangers, soon to be friends, and that part was actually the cherry on the cake.

As for my eyes, they were still wide like saucers, but not the freshly baked in the oven saucer ready for its first use by a new owner. This time my saucers had visited much more of Asia, had lived in Malaysia and trained in photography as well as nurtured the art of seeing. So what did they see? What did they feel? These eyes of mine. Colour in the most part. Texture and light too. And composition, of course. Beautiful composition.

For all who have visited may agree, Bali is full of colour. It’s lush and green, often brightly lit and full of vibrant flowers and offerings. What was I looking for when I wended my way? Colour which caught my eye, colour which said something, told a story and drew my attention. Vibrant reds, gentle blues and all the hues of brown and beige. Some balanced, some punctuated with contrast. Whilst always using the tool I had with me 24/7, a simple and trusty iPhone.

‘The world in my pocket’ is a personal project incorporating series of images from different countries, all shot with my iPhone. Encouraging and supporting the idea that it’s not always necessary to use the biggest and latest gear available on the market to create beautiful imagery. These images and others are also featured on my Instagram feed @chloeatthelodge

Bali Portraits . Love

The morning Emma and I met for her shoot, the sun rose sleepily over the rice paddies. It danced across the water, warmed the night air and filled the sky with a soft orange glow. A truly beautiful start to the day.

We had spent many happy hours chatting over the previous few days of the retreat getting to know one another. We’d also had a chance to talk about why we were capturing these portraits for her. Much like the others, it was a little about the opportunity to do so but mainly it was about embracing this moment as her own. And this is what she did, ten fold. I call her set ‘love’ simply because.

See you in Sydney one day soon lovely lady, thank you for allowing us to share xx