Firstly I’d like to say thank you, because if you have clicked this far it means that you have enjoyed my work enough to consider hiring me. Now let’s see if I can’t persuade you a little more…

+ How much is a session with you?

Beautiful photography like art, is an investment however it’s even better than art as it’s something which not only looks great, it is a document of your family and how things are for you right now: unique and amazing.

To make the most of our session together I invest time getting to know you and your family’s needs, we will then enjoy a wonderful session together for around 1-1.5hrs, a sneak peek of pictures will drop into your inbox within 48 hours and about 2-3 weeks later a fully-loaded gallery will be available for you online. Once you have made your selection your chosen images and prints will be delivered to you by hand approximately 2-3 weeks later. On average clients invest around AED2700 in images and prints.  For a more comprehensive guide on packages please pop me a message and let’s get planning your session.

+ Lifestyle Photography, what does a session like this entail?

It’s pretty much how it sounds – capturing your life in a gorgeous style and all the love that is cobbled together in a crazy, wonderful mess. The big eyes wide open connection moments and those little three year old sucking his thumb moments you never want to forget. And whether it’s the over-flowing love for a new partner or the eight legs and eight armfuls of love of your family of four, or five or more, whether it’s the love of Grandparents who are in town and only get to see their Grandkids every so often or that doe-eyed love as you gaze at your newborn child for the first time, it’s all of these things and all of these people, captured in beautiful images to be enjoyed always.

+ But we aren’t that comfortable in front of the camera.

That’s ok, neither am I. And for this very reason I am very sensitive to those who aren’t and will do all I can to make you feel at ease before and during the session with gentle coaching, confident direction and a bit of embarrassing Mum dancing when required.

+ Where do your sessions take place?

As a lifestyle natural light photographer I don’t have a studio or big clunky lighting systems. It’s just me, my camera and a couple of extra lenses. I’m a professionally trained photojournalist so the world is our oyster, so to speak! I absolutely LOVE to shoot in client’s homes as it’s where we spend a lot of our time as a couple or family, and it’s one of the places which reflects us best. Little ones are also extremely comfortable at home – they are the Kings and Queens of their Castles and that’s when magic can really happen.

However, if you are set on a gorgeous sunrise beach session or that stunning sunset desert session so typical of this region then let’s do it! The sun rises early so be warned I will be asking you to set your alarm clocks, it will be totally worth it though especially in the months when it’s hot here in the Middle East. The most important thing is that we capture you authentically in an environment and a way you are most comfortable with, and in pretty light. Let’s not forget the light.

+ A friend had some pictures taken by you and I’d love to have the same.

This is music to my ears and I would love to hear whose pictures you have seen so we can work together to tell your story in a similar way. As a natural light photographer, I work with the weather conditions and light on the day and they are never the same twice, I also work very closely with each family embracing their personalities and moments on the day so can not guarantee a carbon copy session. I can, however, promise you images which are uniquely yours.

+ I’m at a bit of a loss as what to wear, can you help?

Absolutely, I have a few handy hints and links which I can share with you. Panic not, it’s all part of the adventure.

+ I am pregnant and looking for maternity and newborn sessions, when should I book them?

Maternity shoots are some of my favourite sessions, it’s such a unique and exciting time to document. Ideally sessions are done between around 32-35 weeks as bumps really tend to round out then and yet you’re still able to move and feel comfortable. Sessions can be done outside of these dates so if you are heading overseas to deliver and need to have them earlier or if you’ve got to 38 weeks and were thinking maternity pictures were not for you but suddenly changed your mind please still get in touch, as these timings are not set in stone. Similarly with newborn sessions, these are best done in the comfort of your own home, and ideally booked between 4-12 days old when little ones are still sleepy and restful however as I shoot lifestyle photography and not full posed newborn photography timings can be flexible too. Those teeny tiny newborn pictures are amazing though and they change super fast in those early weeks so if we can, the earlier the better.

+ I’m not based in Dubai, do you travel?

Absolutely, I love to travel and do so at any opportunity.