Two days new :: 100th baby born at Al Zahra Hospital

On Monday, late at night, three Mums were in labour. A busy evening for a new hospital. Three Mums working tirelessly to ensure their three babies were delivered safely into the world. Our world. New lives, starting fresh and perfect. All amazing, precious, fragile and loved. But one baby that evening was to be Al Zahra’s 100th since opening. This gorgeous teeny tiny baby boy, born to a proud Mum and Dad, was to be number one hundred.

On Wednesday, I popped by to see them. We chatted for a while about the wonder of little ones. About how he is the first Grandchild on Mum’s side, about Dad’s dreams of surfing together on the Gold Coast. So much love between the three of them from day one. Amazing. Did I say amazing? Newborns, that’s what they are, amazing.

With very many congratulations to a gorgeous brand new family of three & to Al Zahra for your hundredth arrival x

December 3, 2013 - 9:37 pm

Kirsty - How adorable – such perfect newborn images Chloe

December 3, 2013 - 9:54 pm

chloelodge - Thank you Kirsty, those first few days are really so very special. It’s wonderful when we are able to capture them.

A little family time in the sunshine

Although I am a relative newbee to life in the land of sand, already I am falling in love. The light, the colours, and oh the sea, such a beautiful place to be. Recently I enjoyed a wonderful shoot with a gorgeous French family who have been here for a while. Their boys have grown up here, in the sunshine, on the beach. And it’s easy to see how much they love it. We had fun exploring. Laughing. Wandering. And the most important reason for this shoot – to capture their lovely Grandma who was in town visiting. But shhhhh the pictures are a surprise for Christmas. (don’t worry, I do have permission to share them). Happy, honest, every day beautiful family moments. Right here in Dubai. Thank you for being so fantastic to work with xx

a Mother’s touch may sometimes be gentle but their love is strong to the core

Little S and her gorgeous Mum and Dad are no strangers to my lens. This is the third time we’ve captured memories together and what a beautiful morning it was. As a photographer, one of the most wonderful things about working with families again and again, is that little ones get to know you. They get to know your face,  your voice and then they forget that you are there. I love these moments, when families are together, laughing and loving each other without really paying much attention to me as their photographer. Simply living their very own ‘every day beautiful’.

Thank you for allowing us to share in your time together R, V & S xxx

a divine evening wedding

On the evening of 31st October, N+A married. In the presence of family and friends from all four corners of the globe. Their love and commitment to one another celebrated in tradition, dance and song. Here are some of the moments I captured. So very beautiful, elegant and perfectly bridal. With very many congratulations to a divine couple. xxx 

Colour Full in KL

There is little that can be said about my first shoot back in KL as I believe the images shout, laugh and sing for themselves. An adorable family capturing memories of a place which has been their home not once, but twice. We walked and chatted, explored and danced. And THOSE colours. A photographer’s dream. Thank you for allowing us to share in your happy moments. 110% every day beautiful. x