Do you remember your very first best friend? Feeling that first real bond outside your inner family unit. I remember mine. Her name was Claire Putnam, we were five and she was in my class at school. We lived in Norwich at the time, a fairly unexotic* town on the East Coast of England. I remember so much about her, she had dark brown hair, tortoise shell glasses and piercing blue eyes. I also remember details about her life, her home and her parents. They had travelled extensively and although she was only five she too had lived overseas for a while. I remember playdates at her home, the deep claret Middle Eastern rug we played on, the antique South-East Asian trunk we lent up against and the paintings from far away places which hung on the walls. It was the 1980s and my semi-detached cul-de-sac life at the time felt like vanilla in comparison, little did I know that the treasured memories of Claire and her family would have such a profound influence on me and some 35 years later I would be journeying a similar path of expat adventure living and working in some truly beautiful parts of the world.

*Something else I didn’t realise was how precious MY life actually was. It was a time when my parents were still together. There were long summer days spent paddling in the plastic pool in our English country garden topped up with hot water from the kettle, we enjoyed picnicking in the woods on checked rugs and walking our gorgeous dog Gemma by the lake. So although they felt somewhat ordinary days they were in fact incredible times. The photos here are some of the very few I have from those days, the simple and the magnificent are both treasures to behold. Moments like these are everything because they are the fabric that make up our life, our journey and who we are today.

me c. 1995 // Italy

This is me, Chloe. All this and more is why I became of photographer. I love to tell stories. Your story, my story. With details and texture, colour and light, so much incredible light. Capturing memories of the times we are living right now because nothing is more certain than the fact that change is just around the corner and living as an expat it’s something you come to appreciate more than anything. Photography is such a beautiful medium because it can be shared with family and friends on the other side of the world, it can be enjoyed every day on the wall or relaxing over coffee with a photo book full of memories. Not just now but again and again, in a year’s time, ten years time and way beyond.

I love to tell stories, I live to tell stories, so let’s tell yours.

That special bond between your little boy and his Daddy, you holding your baby girl's hands as she takes some of her first steps in the garden, your teenagers bodyboarding in the ocean, the day you say I do and start the journey of marriage or the birth of a long awaited little one.

Every day moments and the really big ones, captured for always.

Authentically, boldly and beautifully.

me c. 2015 // Dubai

Courtesy of Kirsty Larmour Photography

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