My Journey to Adaline

Our little girl is now six months old, she giggles a lot and blows raspberries the rest of the time. She’s beginning to chat and when she’s really giving you the look, you know THAT look, she does this double eyebrow raise that is so characteristic you could easily forget that she’s still so small.

And now that six months have passed and all of the trauma, worry and discomfort of my pregnancy journey has dulled I felt that it was time to share – in series – the self portraits I captured during the past year.

Shooting myself has never been something I’m wholly comfortable with but following my molar and cancer experience I just knew that it was time to cast those insecurities aside and brave it. About midway through  I came across this wonderful group of photographers, Mum photographers to be precise – talented, supportive, inspirational, kick a**e creative woman and although I was a silent participant of the group during the last year I busied myself creating alongside them all. The Dear Photographer P52 Radness group celebrate getting in the frame and embracing all our fears, loves, desires, and darkest wobbles about being on the flipside of our own lenses. Today some of us share in unison a selection of images from 2017, here are mine, I am then followed by the fabulously talented Bridget M Parmenter, please take a moment and enjoy each and every artist until you return here to me and my sweet Adaline.


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  • Oh my momma, how precious are these. I ache to have those days back sometimes and wish that I had documented more. You little one will be so grateful to have this story captured. ReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Bridget, I’m going to make a photobook and give it to her. I love your images too, so much experimentation and wonderful results. xReplyCancel

  • Sally

    Fabulous xReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh Chloe, these are all so beautifully amazing!!  I too started the project documenting my pregnancy and it gave me a rush to see you pregnant and then holding your sweet girl in the same spot!  It’s so amazing how fast life can change. I also sighed when I saw your rainbow belly<3 ReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you so much, fantastic to hear you are doing the same. Some days it feels harder than others but I look back now and I’m so grateful I stayed with it. Good luck with everything xxReplyCancel

  • These are completely amazing. It’s so moving to see the journey unfold like this – beautiful ChloeReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you my dearest friend, interspersed should be your beautiful images too xxxReplyCancel

  • Emma

    Absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing series of images documenting and transcending time and emotion. These are absolute treasures Chloe and perhaps the most important images you have to date. ReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you beautiful lady, I absolutely agree they really are xxReplyCancel

  • Emily

    Oh Chloe, this is beautiful.  The amazing miracle of pregnancy and the gift of our precious little one told in stunning photos.
    You have such a talent.  These are precious moments captured forever and what a gift to give to Adaline in the future.

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Emily, she truly is a gift xxReplyCancel

  • Anne

    As always… loving the way you see and feel life… You are a gorgeous mom and a very special photographer.  If our path cross again, I would love for you to photograph our family. Kuala Lumpur would have been such a beautiful place for that… In Joy, AnneReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Anne, what a beautiful message. I would love to one day capture your family, let’s make it happen somewhere in the world. Hope you’re well xxReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    Dear Chloe, these pictures are absolutely amazing! You are gorgeous, the pictures speak so much and I cannot say how great full I am to have bumped into you! Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back 15 years just to capture the emotion a woman feels when expecting. It’s a great privilege that I would never exchange with anything in the world. These pictures expresses so much. I am so happy for you and the family. Kisses from Seychelles. ReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Nicole, we feel truly gifted and grateful. It was wonderful meeting you all in the Seychelles albeit briefly, hope you’re well and your girls are thriving xReplyCancel