Wish You Were Here in a Year // Part Two

52 weeks, 365 days. Wow where did it go? Just over a year ago I was invited to start contributing to a wonderful project called Wish You Were Here in a Year. It’s a weekly glimpse into the life of a group of photographers who are dotted across the globe. There is no prompt, agenda or plan – it is simply to document in our own individual ways a sense of place, a feeling or simply a passing moment which is important to us. The synchronicity of some weeks is breathtaking, the images stunning and as a project in it’s own living and breathing right I love it as a place to come together with such great ladies living separate lives but sharing as a whole as we go. On to 2017… I simply can’t wait.

Here’s a little recap from where I left off in Part One. There is our final glimpse of the Indian ocean, to a glorious summer in Mallorca and then moving ‘home’ to Dubai. What a year. A crazy, wonderful year. My Wish You Were Here in a Year Part II.


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