Moments that Matter // A Cool Breeze

Just seven weeks ago our family grew by one tiny totally adorable person, a little girl by the name of Adaline Sofia. We’ve welcomed her into our lives with more love than we all really know what to do with and we’ve shifted routines, family rituals and bits of furniture to accommodate her every need. Recently though I have to admit I’ve been finding it tough. The intensive feeding and knowing when and for how long she should be sleeping has had me chasing my tail. But you’ve done it before you may well say, ah yes but it was over five years ago and the human brain has this magic ability to blank out those first few months – lucky really or there would be a good chance our species may come to an abrupt holt fairly quickly! There’s also the fundamental fact that all babies are different, and already I’m learning that although our little lady is an identical twin to Maxi at the same age, that’s where the similarities end.

As we hit just over six weeks it was time to call for reinforcements, and so the nights have become a team effort and some of the day too. All of a sudden I’ve stopped feeling quite so crazy and broken, and although we’re all full of cold we decided to take one of our evening trips out into the desert to celebrate. The best part – a cool breeze accompanied us – hopefully signifying that this long, exceptionally hot summer may be nearing it’s end.

It’s been too many months since I contributed to the Moments that Matter blog circle, however, onwards… follow on round to enjoy some of my favourite and very talented photographers’ work starting with Laura Love and her moments that matter this August.

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  • Oh Chloe, these are beautiful! How adorable is this little head full of hair in your hand – my favourite image, and I remember the way that feels exactly… Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Love that car feeding shot with a tree especially! Glad to hear you are feeling better – first 6 weeks are always the most challenging as you adjust to new life.ReplyCancel

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Yana, its such an unusual environment out there I love to capture it xReplyCancel

  • Polly

    Absolutely stunning captures Chloe, loved all of them! ReplyCancel

  • I absolutely love them all Chloe. I love the textures of the water, all golden and fun in one image and then so tranquil in black and while. I also loved the silhouette of the trees and the sunset. Beautiful family, congratulations on your new addition, Adaline Sofia looks so soulful in the last image. Really gorgeous ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    So beautiful Chloe! she is just adorable. Glad to hear it is getting easier.ReplyCancel