Wish You Were Here in a Year // Part One

Two and a half years ago a weekly blog was started by a very lovely lady by the name of Nicola Berry. She was living in France at the time and had the idea to create a place where she and some of her fellow photographers from different corners of the world could share a weekly glimpse into their lives. A postcard from their world sent to one another, with every photographer taking a turn to curate the post, then simultaneously shared by all. And so the Wish You Were Here Project was born. It’s an amazing global story because even though not all of the contributors have actually ever met in person every week there is an often spooky and undeniable poetry between the moments shared.

At the end of last year, having followed with eager admiration for a while, I was invited to pull up a chair in their special home. I readily accepted with nerves and excitement knowing I would be joining some of my favourite photographers.

Today we venture into week twenty nine, where the time has gone I’m not quite sure, but things are in the midst of changing for our little family once more and so I felt it was a perfect moment to gather my first twenty six Wish You Were Here postcards altogether. Mostly featuring the adventuring Maximus, there are a few guest appearances thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy the journey we’ve been on so far, let’s see what the next six months holds…

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