In January I held a competition. The prize was just this – a beautiful shoot for two people to be at one, to look into each other’s eyes and remember why they chose that person, the one right beside them, to be their person. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, even in the madness and rush of life. On January 12th a name was drawn from a hat, the good old traditional way and that name was Olimpia. Not long after we got in touch, we started talking and planning their session. It was to be March 7th on their 7th wedding anniversary out on the water whilst watching the sky turn from bright blue into the warm golden glow of sunset. And then there they were, touched by the evening sun (with me sitting quietly in the corner and sometimes balancing on a ledge) celebrating, reminiscing, laughing and loving. Memories and moments to last a lifetime. What a prize. What a couple xxx

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