Those who sail together, stay together

Some say you should be careful what you wish for. I say, go right ahead and make those wishes.

Be bold, be brave, believe.

When I first arrived into Dubai I said to my hubby one day when walking through the marina ‘what I would really love to shoot is a family out on a boat, in the sunshine, spending time, laughing together, loving one another, embracing what a life in Dubai has to offer.’ Then just a couple of months later I received a call. It was an excited lady with big plans. Her husband’s 40th was coming and she wanted to capture the story she was about to curate. One of the elements to this story was to be a trip into the sunset on-board a boat.

And there it was.

As soon as Harshika and I spoke on the phone we connected, then we met in person and we chatted more. We planned how I would capture the three days of celebrations she had lovingly mapped out. Reccies were done, outfits discussed, logistics tweaked. Did I mention it was all a surprise? I love surprises!

On the afternoon they were to set sail I waited on the road side a little like their personal paparazzi. The moment they appeared I could see the relief in Harshika’s face, the celebrations had begun, all her months of planning. Now it was time to relax and enjoy. Then of course our birthday boy, Dilip, he just didn’t stop smiling. The boat trip was a suggestion by their son, it was the way he wanted to mark his Father’s big day. What a perfect way to celebrate and with his little cousin to hang out with to boot.

Here they are, a beautiful family on such a happy, happy birthday. Thank you Dilip and Harshika for inviting me and my camera to join you on your special journey and for allowing us to share in your moments xx


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