A family was born : PART THREE

I love newborns, simply love them. In their natural environment, just as they are. Perfect, precious, loved.

As promised, here is part three of my wonderful client’s experience of being in front of my lens. Uniquely written as if from the little lady herself. xx

Dear Chloe,

I was only 4 days old when you kindly came to visit us at home for my very special newborn photography session. My Mummy and Daddy had barely slept at all since the day I was born, and we were all still very lost in the task of getting to know each other and learning how to help me remain as calm and as happy as possible in this big bright outside world.  I really don’t think my Mummy had even taken a single deep breath yet since she first bundled me into her arms – and she was definitely overwhelmed with brand new mum passion, nerves and reservation about letting anyone or anything anywhere near her precious baby girl.

But you were here for us, filled with as much joy as my parents were that I had arrived healthy and strong; like a peaceful breeze as you walked through our front door – your loving eyes met mine and you softly whispered ‘Hello’…I knew right there that I had found a lovely new friend and this was going to be a very beautiful day shared with you – my very first photo shoot.

You were so very patient with me as I was still just learning how to feed properly and with such a tiny tummy we must have paused the session a hundred times over to fill me up again – you never once lost your smile, but instead reassured my doting Mummy that you honestly understood how important it was above all else for me to be able to stay fed, clean and completely comfortable.

As I started to stir while laying curled in my Daddy’s hands, the supreme care that you took while your ever so gentle fingers slowly reached to lightly stroke my tiny cheek as you offered a soft and soothing ‘Shhhhh…’ brought tears to Mummy’s eyes; for she saw in that moment while paused watching over, that there was nothing to fear, and took her first big deep breath in a while filled with appreciation for the utmost tender respect you extended to her most beloved treasure.

Thank you Chloe – for truly sharing in the celebration of my arrival and capturing my ‘newness’ in the most beautiful way.

From a tiny, brand new fan of yours.

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