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Masters results just in… I passed and with a half decent grade! Not only that, I’m simply overwhelmed by some of the comments made by the jury… let’s just hope they are right:

‘Chloe has clearly integrated a variety of skills, from lighting and direction to marketing and product conception, and her ability to produce quality images which respond to a clearly defined client need are unquestionable.’

‘She manages to give a new impulse to old photographic traditions: the family portrait (as well as wedding photography). Her innovative approach combined with technical skills will open up doors for her in spite of the danger caused by the omnipresence of digital cameras among amateur photographers these days.’

And now onwards to an exciting and productive 2012. But first please forgive me this – a little ‘Oscar-style’ thank you to some pretty damn special people. After all if its one thing that’s clear in photography it’s really very little about the act of clicking the shutter… it’s about people (people like you), it’s about relationships, it’s about history in the making… the image is simply the medium in which to capture them.

So a massive thank you to the following people for their time and resources enabling me to complete my Masters thesis and indeed my course in its entirety….

James Lodge, my husband, for agreeing to a year of baguettes, brie and bureaucracy. And for being there right beside me every step of the way.

The following women in Paris for allowing me into their lives and for being part of my initial personal documentary portrait project which in turn has instigated my way forward: Mindy Jones, Mei Bell, Karin Bates, Christine Stoneman, Tracey Ellis, Kasia Dietz, Jennifer Geraghty, Emily Donahue, Sara Fishcher, Olivia Rowe, Jill Sinclair, Deborah Zorn, Emily van Lier, Opal Taylor, Alison Bunting, Karen Crombie, Rachel Peat, Marie Hawksby, Tania Ambridge, Robin Smith, Renee Shirley and Claire Allman.

Here are two of the images from the series ‘Modern Women at Home in a Foreign Land.’

‘The first year moving anywhere new always sucks, I mean, 45 sqm on the 3rd floor with two small children, having lived in a spacious home with a yard was a real adjustment. It’s been a total adventure and I am amazed at the people we’ve met. They are phenomenal. When you’re thrust into an experience like this, no one understands what you’re going through unless they too are going through it. It makes you bond tightly – and then somebody moves away (which I don’t like.) I never wanted us to regret NOT moving to Paris.’ Mei Bell from the US 









‘My seven year old daughter and I were chatting the other day, when she said “Mummy, there are three things about Paris I love and three things that I hate” I was intrigued and listened closely. She said “I love the shopping, I love always having something pretty to look at and I love having amazing friends from all over the world.” Then she said “But I hate all the dog poo, the bossy & pushy people and I really hate feeling like a stranger.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.‘  Tracey Ellis from Canada 


In Kuala Lumpur, I’d like to thank Jennifer Heal, Anna-Rina Rahim and Asther Lau for their time, open natures, offer of guidance and for allowing a fellow photographer to interview them in the first place! Also to those who, within just a few weeks of meeting me, agreed to complete my anonymous survey, your feedback has been invaluable.

I’d like to thank the staff at Speos Photographic Institute: Leonardo Antonaidis, John Schults, Clare Stalder, Phillipe Bachelier, Remi Gruber, Nicole Capoulade, Pierre-Yves Mahe and Eva Ellenberger. I would also like to an make exceptional acknowledgement to Marc Prüst, who broke down my previous understanding of what makes a good image and helped me re-build a stronger, clearer vision of what makes a GREAT image. Marc’s classes and guidance turned me from amateur to professional – my Aunt’s Chair has gone to the jumble sale.

Thank you to award-winning Vanessa Winship for an amazing workshop right when I needed a little extra grace and poise, your personal perspective on the environmental portrait was fantastic and your input, simply inspiring.

All contributors and industry professionals we had the pleasure of meeting and brainstorming with during the European Masters programme. I’d especially like to thank Patrick Zachmann, Jane Evelyn Atwood and Nadia Benchallal for their inspirational meetings. David Balicki, Mélanie Frey and Marc Beaussart for their honest advice and finally to Marie Lelièvre for her invaluable portfolio review.

And last but by absolute no means least – my Mother, Wendy Parkes, for always believing in me, even when I didn’t, I miss you everyday. And my Father, Kerry Boyes, for giving me the courage to always follow my dreams: this one’s for you.

‘Two of the greatest things you can give your children, one is roots, the other is wings.’ Hodding Carter

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  • Jo Whitehead

    Well done so much for passing your masters, you clever thing! XReplyCancel

  • Congratulations Chloe! Praise well deserved, and just the beginning of your adventure capturing moments with a unique sensitivity and depth. I’m very grateful to have met you and been a part of this journey.

    Warmest regards from Paris!

    • chloelodge

      Thank you Kasia and Jo for your lovely comments and for your wonderful support. xReplyCancel

  • Jen

    Congratulations Chloe, just wonderful.xxReplyCancel